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[Spoiler] A few questions about the Pillars


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I really think I need help understanding this.

Major spoiler ahead.

So if the Elements of Hope planted the Tree of Harmony than that means that the ToH is alot less powerful than first thought and mainly acts as a regulator for harmony.

These are the Elements of Harmony and Hope.

Honesty (Applejack) – Strength (Rockhoof)

Kindness (Fluttershy) – Healing (Mage Meadowbrook)

Laughter (Pinkie Pie) – Hope (Somnambula)

Generosity (Rarity) – Beauty (Mistmane)

Loyalty (Rainbow Dash) – Bravery (Flash Magnus)

Magic (Twilight Sparkle) – Sorcery (Star Swirl the Bearded)

I can actually see a lot of Similarities between them but this is just confusing because I thought the EoH were the true power this whole time.

so this is what I don't understand.

Are the Elements of Harmony now more powerful than the Pillars(Elements of Hope)?

How is Sorcery and Magic compared and contrasted?

and what makes the pillars so special besides the fact that they are just a group of powerful Ponies with special talents? In terms of special magical items such as the EoH.

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i think Starswirl and company are the bearers of the elements of their time in terms of role, their power isn't greater nor lesser, but the elements of harmony themselves are far more powerful,(surpassing even discord) i think the elements represent the will of the land itself,
also, a tree can grow to be strong, no matter if the one who planted it was so or not

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Fridge Brilliance brought together on TV Tropes.

How each of the Pillars’ virtues became the Elements of Harmony.

Strength into Honesty- it takes a strong heart to keep choosing to tell the hard truth instead of an easy lie.

Beauty into Generosity- Mistmane gave up her beauty to restore the beauty of her village and friend and continued to spread beauty until the day she disappeared. Both Mistmane and Rarity show that a generous heart is a truly beautiful heart.

Healing into Kindness- Mage Meadowbrook spent her life healing physical ailments and helping ponies in pain. It’s only logical that her virtue turns into Kindness. A wounded heart needs Kindness to heal, which Fluttershy has plenty of.

Bravery into Loyalty- Flash Magnus refused to leave behind his comrades and bravely fought the dragons to give them the chance to escape. Only a pony who refuses to leave behind a friend could be so brave.

Hope into Laughter- Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel while Laughter is what gives the pony strength to continue on until they reach the end and smile with all their heart. To give a genuine, pure laugh and smile is to have hope.

Sorcery into Magic- Sorcery is basically another word for magic but unlike magic, Sorcery is more willing to use darker arts to accomplish the goal. Sorcery turning into magic is simply it taking on a purer and more idealistic form

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