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A change in facial expressions from seasons 1-3 to 4-8


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I'm going to elaborate my thoughts on the facial expressions throughout the show. To tell you the truth, I don't hate the wacky cartoony facial expressions in MLP. In fact, I do loved it and I find them really hilarious. However, the problem I had with the facial expressions with MLP, especially with it's later seasons, is they overused it too much of them. It comes off as incredibly distracting more so than I actually find them funny.

I know that humor is subjective and the animators are having fun and the fans are having fun by creating a whole bunch of face memes and stuff, but I don't know. Horses making stupid faces all the time (and making memes about it)can only get you so far before people getting sick of it.

I can understand the fans find the facial expressions hilarious, but that just how I feel.

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I love the wild and exaggerated expressions – it's a cartoon after all. :D To me, they just make the characters livelier. And some of those faces are absolutely adorable! ^_^


I feel some of the criticism stems from general negativity towards the later seasons. :dry:

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