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Edit: I'm not actually asking for critique - though, sure, comment anything you like - I just thought you had to chose either 'no critique' or 'critique wanted', and now I can't get rid of it.

Hey, I just thought if that if I'm gonna be active on here anyway, I might as well take the time to post some artwork. Also, if you want to avoid the stringent feedback rules here and tell me what worthless garbage I really am, I invite you to my Derpibooru account. :derp:

Most of my stuff centers around fanfic ideas I had long ago but never made anything out of. What follows is a bunch of OCs from those stories - and I also tried my hand at turning one of the many scenes I've imagined into a comic page, albeit poorly. Pacing is hard.


Pony deities from before the tribes united.



A classic dysfunctional adventuring party.



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I couldn't stand to look at some of those busts, so I made new ones of characters the players are liable to encounter soon. Because of time constraints, they're only coloured sketches, but they'll look alright once they've been shrunken down to icon size.


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