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Old beat from 5 years ago


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I felt like sharing an old gem from the past just now.

So, way back in 2014, when I was Schoolboy B (God knows why I thought that name even sounded cool), I made this old beat simply titled "A 90s Hip Hop Beat". At the time, I thought I had made a true masterpiece, but now listening to it, I can't help but think, how could I have ever thought this was good? 

At the time, I had also made a thread about an MLP hip hop group that I was gonna call "Da Bronies", but nothing came of that.

Also, the compression on the track isn't good at all; in fact, I didn't even put any sort of compression FX on the master track at all, so it's kinda loud in some places.

Also I now realize, the melody of the track sounds oddly familiar, but I can't remember what song the melody is from.


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5 hours ago, xX_PinkDragon_Xx said:

Sorry I took so long to respond...

Yes, feedback would be okay, but it's not mandatory.

Ok, the biggest thing that's really holding this beat back is the fact that you limited yourself to the C# mixolydian mode. By flatting the 7th note, it seemed like you kept yourself in this same idea. Returning the 7th note of the C# scale back to a B# would allow you to explore some more progressions. I won't say anything else since this beat is 5 years old. 

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I like it, so 90's :D
(Getting some Earthworm Jim vibes of this one)
I am a big orchestra-hit fan so hearing that is great. If you ever feel on updating this beat, I would love some repeating fast strings thrown in there as well :P

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