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A few questions have about the show

Literally Snails

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These are just five questions I have that have been bugging me.


1. In episode 1, why were the two pegasi who were flying Twilight's chariot acting like they were running while they were flying?


2. Why can Poundcake fly perfectly, but Scootaloo can't?


3. Pumpkincake can walk through walls and fly. Can other unicorns even do that?


4. If Twilight can fix the dam with magic, why did they need money to fix town hall?


5. If Nightmare Night is such a big holiday, why did nopony know who Nightmare moon was?






a. yes

b. no

c. shit just got real

d. NOPE, it's just Chuck Testa

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1. for dramatic effect


2. Talent. Poundcake probably couldn't ride a scooter like scootaloo can


3. Unicorns have different magical talents, that's why only Shining Armor could make the forcefield around canterlot. Whether or not other unicorns can do that particular thing is unknown since its never been shown


4. cause she just patched it with rocks, fixing a building requires more precise materials and construction


5. The same reason why people celebrate halloween but never know the history behind it

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1: That's a common theme for flying horses, they 'gallop' across the sky through flying. I've seen it done many a time before in various media.


2: Plot device. Seriously though, probably because fillies all learn to fly at different ages; it could be Poundcake is an early learner, and Scootaloo is a late learner.


3: Not really sure, but Rarity did say that 'baby unicorns have random, spontaneous outbursts of magic'. Whether grown unicorns would wish or would be able to do that is up to debate, I suppose, though I guess they probably can.


4: Again, cuz plot. If they used magic to solve everything, the series would be dull. Though, did have that same question myself not long ago xD


5: Everyone in the town was cowering from Luna due to not yet trusting her, still seeing as Nightmare Moon back from the first season when she attacked. To me it looks like everyone knew about her. However, before the first episode, I'd say it was because the legend was described as 'an old Mare's tale', so it's possible many ponies simply didn't come across the legend, or bothered to read about it.

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1. Probably for athstetic purposes


2. I heard somewhere that newborn pegasi could fly, but when they reach childhood, body development outruns the development of the wings, making it temporarily impossible to fly.


3. Probably accidental spells that she would have to relearn when she get's older, and to add to the plot.


4. Twilight probably isn't that precise with her magic. She was making a simple wall with magic for the dam, but the town hall requires several different materials attatched to each other in different ways. She probably won't be able to accoplish such a task with ease.


5. The ponies did seem to recognize Nightmare Moon, especially since her appearance in the first episode, but they probably had little knowledge that the adult Luna was the same Luna standing above them with the terrifying voice. Nightmare Moon and S2 Luna have striking similarities, so it can be easily assumed that they were mistaken. Plus, the Nightmare Night traditions I theorize are based somewhat off of actual events that happened from Nightmare Moon's original uprising, whose importance was lost over the thousand year absence to become a recreational holiday, but that's just me.

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