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planning Multiforce V: A Super Robot Parody

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"The year is 200XX, and the Earth has united underneath the banner of the Dimensional Alliance, spreading messages of peace and unity across the multiverse. That peace, however, is threatened by the evil Advena Empire and their genetically-and-cybernetically modified Xeno Beasts. Deciding that their militaries won't be enough, the Alliance decides it needs a new weapon - the deliberately overpowered mighty automaton of human engineering, MULTIFORCE V. Recruiting five young pilots to control the Multiforce V's powerful components, the war for Earth has begun...

...and if these five can't learn to cooperate, then we're doomed."


My attempt at a more action/comedy based roleplay, Multiforce V is an affectionate tribute to the super robot genre of anime, cranking up the ridiculous physics and premise to a comical degree. Taking inspiration from the likes of Getter Robo, Genesis of Aquarion, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and others, the  plot is purposefully cliche and formulaic: five young men and women are recruited by the government of the "Dimensional Alliance" to battle the mighty God-Emperor Xa'thos and his legions of monsters of the week, known as Xeno Beasts. But in a twist, all the pilots are from different series (again incorporating my love of the crossover), allowing for different kinds of dynamics and interactions.

The components of Multiforce V are as follows, made up of five color-coded multipurpose fighter jets (that can transform into sea and land based vehicles depending on the situation):

-Alpha Red I (head)

-Beta Blue II (torso)

-Gamma Yellow IIII (left arm)

-Delta Pink IV (right arm)

-Epsilon Green V (legs)


Character Sheet:




Series/Franchise of Origin:








Character Slots:

1. Retthi "Lettuce" Manchot - Alpha Red I - Renegade the Unicorn






Name: Retthi "Lettuce" Manchot (pronounced mon-CHO)

Age: 19

Species: Toon Penguin

Series/Franchise of  Origin: Club Penguin (yes, I know; but for a silly roleplay, why not have a silly OC?)

Vehicle: Alpha Red I

Appearance: A small (about 3 1/2 feet) green penguin with a white belly, orange rectangular feet that seem to lack visible toes, an equally orange oval-shaped beak, and eyes that appear to simply be black dots.

Backstory: Growing up in a rich family, Retthi always seemed to be the sort to dream big and give everything his all. He grew up utilizing heroes of science-fiction and fantasy, hoping to be like them one day (and as a downside, contributing to his sometimes naively idealistic view of the world around him). Recruited as the leader of the Multiforce V team, Retthi plans to give it his all and be the hero he was destined (or not) to be.

Personality: Retthi is the standard hot-blooded, idealistic idiot hero common to shonen and mecha anime...or at least that's how he appears to be. While he is certainly passionate about fighting weekly giant monsters and living out his fantasies of being a hero, Retthi is actually far smarter than he lets on, incredibly crafty, and sometimes downright manipulative in order to get what he wants. Nonetheless, he's still sweet, kindhearted towards most he meets, and is undyingly loyal to the team he's assigned to lead.

Skills/Abilities: In addition to his skills in strategy and leadership, Retthi is also a very minor reality warper, able to harness Toon Physics - don't mistake this for blatant OP-ness, though. He is only able to affect the immediate area to a limited degree, and only with the "props" necessary for what he needs, not what he wants (which is incredibly inconvenient at times).

Other: If he had a hypothetical voice actor, it would be Max "HotDiggedyDemon" Gilardi.

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Super robots, you say? You're a man after my own heart. B)

I would love to know more about this story, though. Since your character seems to be a penguin, I am guessing sentient creatures of all races are allowed? And since you've said this RP will have some silliness, are the colors limited to gender or does anything go? My history with Super Robots and Super Sentai tells me that usually Pink and Yellow are limited to females. But this is your RP, so you make the rules.

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Too bad. Pink is just a color, but then again, it's your RP and your rules. And I'll respect your wishes.

But if you ever change your mind, or if you get enough female characters that want to be other colors besides pink, let me know! B)

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8 minutes ago, Samurai Equine said:

Too bad. Pink is just a color, but then again, it's your RP and your rules. And I'll respect your wishes.

But if you ever change your mind, or if you get enough female characters that want to be other colors besides pink, let me know! B)

OK, I actually thought about what I said earlier, and yah, that didn't come out the way I intended. Lemme see what you can do.

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