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    *Knowledge for the show may not necessary needed but know the basics.Need about 7-10 participants*


I just finished the whole series  about a month ago, I love it. Although I was planning on starting a RP while back ago but hesitated since not so many people know or have watched it.

So I’d be lenient and will accept anyone who is interested whether or not you don’t know JBA. Since technically their story are always different and it would make sense  if we can start our own just as long it’s within JBA universe. Although in order to join for those of you who don’t know JBA, you must understand the basics. 1) you must know what a stand is. 2) be bizarre in other words, be creative as you wish but keep it consistent to the story.

Do watch the trailers or this to gain some ideas what’s JBA.  If you still have any question regarding the show PM me

So let’s get down to the plot here. I personally like the Golden wind with the whole Mafia business and decided to have this plot based on the aftermath after Giorno become the new boss in running the whole mafias organizations.  For those who don’t know, Giorno is a basically the good guy who wanted to run over the mafia business just to stop it from it’s drugs dealing and crimes.

After Giorno took over,  two different group benched off; one group of mafia organizations  wishes to stayed loyal to Girorno and honor his ideals and beliefs, but to what extend? (protagonists) Another group of the mafia organizations  are those who disapproved his ideals and wants to continue to gain control in Italy though drug dealing and crimes. These group will be associated with the Irish mafias since they shared the same interests and want to form allies. (antagonists). This lead to a potential “Mafia war”. Reference: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Mafia_War

This is the basic plot, if anyone wish to contribute please do so but make sure to @me or PM so I don’t have anyone going rouge. 


  • No canon characters. I won’t create my own character since I will be narrating the whole RP just to get the story running smoothly. Instead, I’ll be creating CPU/background characters, for the sake of the plot to run. I might create one official character, if needed. You can only allow to mention them but not Rping them.
  • Absolutely no OP!  
  • Take turns. Every participant will have at least two day to reply. If not, they will be skipped.
  • No fighting or arguing how the RP or the story should go! I will be the one to determine that. Keep in mind we might have some participates who haven’t seen the show, so be respectful. This is a whole different story as long we are keeping within JBA universe the it’s A-okay for me. If I see one incident, I will let you on a warning. Second time, I’m going to lock this and we’re going to take a break. 
  • No Jostar OC! This is a spinoff.

Character sheet layout (I need at least ONE main protagonist (capo:leader)  and ONE main antagonist.(capo: leader) Noted your characters must choose what side they want to join. Unless you want yours to stand neutral that’s fine too.  Also a little reminder JBA won’t be exciting without anime death, so if you wish to kill off your character let me know. You’re welcome to create another. (Although I’d prefer if you create another antagonist.)  

Character Name:




Occupation: (Anything you want! your character can either start off as a Mafia or not but keep in mind, if you character is not a mobster at first, you have to at least make them go into progress in becoming one OR getting involved.) 





Stand name: (it can be what you made up entirely or a band/song references since most stands have songs/ band references)

Stand’s type:

Stand’s appearances:

(if you want to) Stand battle cry: 

Stand’s Abilities/weakness: 

Stand’s ranking:A-E (A being the highest and E being the lowest

  • Speed: 
  • Destructive power:
  • Range:
  • Persistence:
  • Precision:
  • Development potential:   

Well I think that’s all I have for now! If anyone have a questions PM me!





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Here’s my character. 

Character Name: Kronos Xavier Krystiallton

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: Mercenary

Appearance: 5’ 6”, tan skin, red left eye covered by skin graft (would become relevant), neutral muscle tone

Personality: Quiet and reclusive when alone, but boisterous and upbeat when working or around friends  

Goal: Making money by any means possible (whoever can make the highest offer gets his allegiance)


Stand name: Disturbed

Stand’s type: Hybrid Offense/Defense

Stand’s appearances: 
Offense: Green/red depending on power

Defense: Blueish white/purple depending on power

Stand battle cry: DAKA DAKA DAKA DAKA (only said by Hell)

Stand’s Abilities/weakness: 

Offense: Green: Warrior: Capable of close range lethal blows strong enough to send people flying in a random direction

Red: Hell: Stand’s fists light ablaze and deliver a rapid flurry of punches that light target on fire, fire can also light up internally

Defense: Blue: Sound of Silence: Creates a personal field of safety that stops any and all manner of harm to the user, including bullets and fires

Purple: Indestructible: Renders the stand and user nigh invulnerable to all forms of harm, albeit temporarily.



Green: Blows can only be delivered at close range

Red: Fire can be doused with water-based stand

Blue: Stands can still work inside field of protection

Purple: Invulnerability doesn’t last long

Stand’s ranking:A-E (A being the highest and E being the lowest

Speed: C

Destructive power: A

Range: D

Persistence: B

Precision: B

Development potential: C

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@Kronos the Revenant accepted!




i have done this a while back but here’s my side characters/ villains to challenge or be killed off by your characters 

Here's some stand I have in mind as a extra characters to use for the story

-"Smooth Criminal"- A stand that can make itself/user transparent and can go through objects.

-"Lady Cobra"- A stand that use hypothesis and disable it opponent's senses. Special move: NIghtlight: when bite on the opponent, it send venoms into their vain temporary paralyzing that area only.

-I decided to create a main boss/villain to the RP. Name: unknown Stand name: "Heaven tells no lie"- A stand that can manipulated it's opponent's fate and choices. Object: dices. special move: "Final fortune": unknown.

-"House of memories": A stand that can alter itself into a house that lure it's opponent to be trapped or killed. using their childhood memories as a bait. 

-"Red sun Rising"-  A stand that can alter lights. Special move: Deathwish: When a stand found it's opponent at it's valuable state "The devil finds love" they will become a target to a deadly blow. 

"Major Tom"- A countdown stand. I haven't decide a move yet but I like to do something with a countdown. 

-“Jailhouse rock” a stand that can pause its opponent’s stand affect. It’s weakness it’s pattens and timing. Kinda like Aizawa’s quirk from MHA.

-“Magic city” a stand that uses melodies to affect its opponent’s psychologically

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