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I need help with a cutie mark again


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One of my story's characters is named Skywards Dream. She's a pegasus who lost both of her wings in an accident, falls into deppression, and eventually learns that her special skill wasn't flying (as she had thought) but hang-gliding.

I have trouble coming up with a cutie mark that could cause such confusion, and i can't just make her a blank-flank-until-revelation because she's an adult.

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Typically a cutie mark is a symbol of self actualization that one receives when they fully realize who they are as a pony. Many stories I've read talk of those who, after suffering an accident of sorts, lose their connection to their mark and in some cases lose their mark entirely. Those who overcome the difficulty either retain their mark with a new meaning, sometimes with minor changed to the image, or receive a new mark as they come to see themselves as a different pony than the one they were before.

For both of those options I have a possible answer:

I assume that flying brought her joy, she saw herself as a flyer, but what was it about flying that she so liked? Perhaps it was the way that the air currents lifted her up when she spread her wings to soar at great heights.

Same mark new meaning: Her mark would be wind, more specifically an updraft (Think three lines going up than billowing out in a sort of cloud shape at the top.) 

She thought at first it meant the wind allowing her to fly, but when she turned to hang gliding it meant the wind was there to pick her up no matter what happened to her.

Mark changed: Her first mark would be wings in an upward pointed triangle (The wing joints together at the top with the tips as either bottom corner, the feather tips lining the bottom).

Her second mark would be the same shaped triangle, only a hang glider instead of wings (The feather tips would be part of the design of the bottom of the hang glider).

The silhouettes being the same indicates that she's still the same pony as before, just with a new purpose in life, the hang glider replaced her wings as she realized internally that she didn't need her wings to fly.

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would think mark ambiguity would win here.

mark is of three curled wind gusts, upwards, with an inclined plane above them; which was origninally thought to be just a generic "flying" mark, but when she discovers how to use windsock's fixed-wing gliders, her cutie mark starts to glow, showing she finally had found her destiny.....

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