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Pony Life vs. Teen Titans Go.


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Can’t say. Both shows are animated sitcoms. Not too fan of those as I have a particular sense of humor. However, as a standard sitcom, Pony Life works better because FIM being mainly SOL I didn’t get that much expectations in the first place. However, TTG doesn’t work as well as a random sitcom due to different expectations for TT and DC in general, as seen more often in later seasons, like a boring campsite stories episode. TTG shines when they do satire of TT and DC in general. Like that special where they went to the Hall of Justice, expecting another tease like Return of Slade, but turns out they did in fact delivered by having Darkseid........ voiced by Cheese Sandwich :ButtercupLaugh:


in other words, I think, despite more recent slips, TTG can and have delivered in the comedy department. PL haven’t, but again, FIM rarely has as well. But again, it’s not cringy, I’m just mostly indifferent with their humor. The only times I remember laughing out loud in FIM were in the Boneless and Gummy live action segment during the soon to be couple’s goof out, and when a live action puppet appeared when Discord was about to banish Tree Hugger there 

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I just wish the comparison would stop being made. TTG is not that bad looking back on it now, even if they are milking it. Pony Life's characterizations of the Mane 6 are also nowhere near as exaggerated and still maintain a sense of morality to keep them feeling believable. 

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14 hours ago, You said:

I don't think TTG would be nearly that bad if it wasn't for two things:

1 - Super cringe scenes, especially for adults. The pee-pee dance. Riiiight. I was alone in my room and still ashamed without end.

2 - No continuity between episodes at all. Characters are dying and then we are like Oh, let's just pretend it never happened lel

I feel it is more fitting to compare it to TPPG with less fighting.

Oh God, thanks for warning me. I will never watch that now!


There is nothing more I hate than killing off characters and bringing them back without explaination, but a pee pee dance? Absolutely no!

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The TTG comparisons always make me :unamused: It's an incredibly superficial knee-jerk reaction that's honestly just insulting to both shows at this point.

I actually like both TTG and Pony Life. Yes, TTG's biggest flaw is leaning too hard into that kind of cringe humor sometimes. But when it's not doing that I usually find it pretty hilarious. And honestly, that exact assessment applies to a LOT of other popular animated comedies like South Park or Family Guy. Plus, the total absence of continuity (or more precisely, "Negative Continuity") has been standard in sitcoms for my whole lifetime, at least as far back as The Simpsons, so that seems like a weird thing to complain about, but it's fair to not like it.

In contrast, Pony Life has a completely different setting, completely different characters, completely different art style, and takes itself significantly more seriously (not as much as FiM of course), by which I mean there clearly is continuity and it has much more consistent characterizations (both with itself and with FiM) which are also the sole driving force for most of its comedy. Watching PL just doesn't feel anything like watching TTG for me; what it actually feels like is watching MLP:FiM at 2x speed.



Right, now I need more ponies to wash away those negative vibes.

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