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g1 (tales) [LF] Info on villain and location?


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I.. didn't know what else to name this..

So, I don't know much about G1, as I've only seen the movie with the Smooze (and grew up with just G3 and G3.5. Although I never watched 3.5, I do remember it airing). I was thinking about adding Catrina into my story, and the Realm of Darkness, but any info on either of them is super hard to find. So I was wondering if anybody knew about them, and could possibly help me?

The Realm of Darkness is where my cast of characters travel to find the First Alicorn Alliance. The four Alicorns were locked and kept somewhere there -which was the cause of all the terrible events Equestria had gone through thousands of years prior- as those Alicorns were the reason Equestria was kept in balance, creating an Empire by joining all four regions they ruled. After their kidnapping, everypony had separated, and we now have the lands/cities/towns we know today. It was the cause for Star Swirl putting Celestia and Luna on the throne.

Catrina, a feline witch (pretty much keeping her original story I could find on the Wiki) owned an amulet, only to be defeated by Discord after some battle between them, who stole the amulet and had begun his reign with it. However, after Discord's defeat, Tirek had found the amulet (yes, this is going to be that amulet) hidden away somewhere under Canterlot, only for him to also be defeated and locked into Tartarus, leaving Star Swirl to keep the amulet hidden away somewhere safe in the Castle. Twilight and Calamity end up finding it years after the events of the show.

I'm writing a chapter explaining all this right now, but I don't know much about Catrina or the Realm, so any other info would be helpful!

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