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Ponifying The Names of Locations


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Hello there! Just think of a location, whether it be the name of a country, continent, or a small city, and try and ponify it as best as you can. This should be fun. :har:


Oh and what I mean by "ponifying location names" is making the name of any location appear more canon and relevant to the show's universe. So if you can imagine it being used in the show, awesome! :D


So you can incorporate pony terms, names of fruits and vegetables, names of other species that have appeared in the show, or species that you can see appearing on the show (like deer, bears, etc.).




Africa = 'Zebrica'


London = 'Colton'


Canada = 'Canida'


Germany = 'Germaney'



Be creative :twilight:

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I'll try..


Miami -> Maneami


Massachusetts -> Manesachusetts

I can imagine Appleami being used since fruits are also incorporated in the place names on the show.

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Buffalo>>>doesn't need to be changed cause we're motherbycking Buffalo. GO BILLS!!


Cincinaahty...yeah I'm terrible

North Mareolina

South Dacolta


I'm a bad person lll

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Maine--->Mane(I couldn't help doing it)









I was going to say Poland--->Ponyland...but I thought it was too bold :yay:

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Aside from the obvious ones already in the show:


(some are good, some are bad)


Hoofston = Houston

Mexicolt = Mexico (someone actually ponified this already :P)

Tokeigho = Tokyo

Buckarest = Bucharest

Buckapest = Budapest


And so forth :wacko:.

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Oh I've been doing this for a while


North  Amareica


Alaska= Alacolt

  • Fairflanks
  • Juneigheau
  • Tulcoltna
  • Prudhoe Hay
  • Palmare
  • Whinnysilla
  • Coltdiak


  • Cherryvista
  • Rancho Cookie Mondo
  • San Fransicolt
  • San Josneigh
  • Oakey-dookey-lookeyland
  • Sandy Neighgo

Utrot (Utah)

  • Salt Lick City (that's about it)


  • Whinnyanapolis


  • Frowners Grove
  • Rosemount
  • Springfilly
  • Chicacolt


  • Milltrotkee
  • Green Hay
  • Appleton (not much to change there)
  • Buckfield
  • East Trot
  • Shebucking (Sheboygan)
  • Jeffersteed


  • Baltimare


That's all I got for now

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Unicorn Kingdom / United Kingdom


If it was a place populated by pegasi, it could be the United Wingdom. I don't really like Colton as its capital though. Colton doesn't sound much like London at all. The UK's real political capital is Westminster anyway, so the capital of the UW could be Westwhinnyster. Another major city in the UW would be Manechester.




Australia - Horstralia Sydney - Sydneigh


These two are fantastic.


Here are some more...


Moldova = Muledova

Papua New Guinea = Papua New Hinny (a hinny is the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey; not to be confused with a mule, which is the other way around)

Ecuador = Equinedor

Jamaica = Jamaneca

Trinidad and Tobago = Ponydad and Cobago (a cob is a large breed of pony)

Canada = Caneighda (it doesn't really sound right as a place name, but the demonym - Caneighdian - totally works!)

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