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gaming Does anyone play any Card games like MTG or LoR?


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I currently play MTG, and used to play the Pokemon TCG, but that's it. I only have a physical deck for Pokemon though. MTG I've only played Arena. 

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Personally I enjoy playing Magic The Gathering a lot. The art quality is very high (high enough to make me use it as wallpapers and I am a picky person). My current favourite format is Commander as it allows more than 2 players to play which invites certain amount of... diplomacy as an additional flavor and its specific mechanics make games more interesting and longer and also make each play feel different due to high card variety. 

My favourite combination is Jeskai, aka red, blue and white mana, but I also highly enjoy the combination with white colour removed, especially after introduction of Prismari, which is basically school of artists - perfect for a self taught artist :please:

Aside from playing I also enjoy collecting cards with art I find highly enjoyable for myself. Value matters not - I enjoy artwork from plenty of cards, some worthless when it comes to gameplay or financial value, some very expensive. Magic The Gathering items take up plenty of space on my shelves otherwise stuffed with books :3 

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