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Character System Limitation Removal


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Effective immediately there will be no imposed limit on the character system. The five character limitation to non-subscribers will no longer be enforced by RP. 

Reasons For Change

When we launched Character System, it was in hopes of replacing the constantly broken Character Sheets we lost and then tried to rebuild. Having a limit prevents streamlining the character system by not allowing users to move over their RP characters. 

It wasn’t generating money for the forum/  The idea of using it as a benefit for Subscribers was testing out if this would be another way to stabilize the income funds that help keep this forum running. Since the launch of Characters, there is negligible impact to the number of users who financially support MLPF

It was too manual. I don’t like that there was no easy way to automate the cap. It required staff to count the number of characters a user has. I don’t like manual processes that add a step to staff duties. 

It limited the use of the system. Many of you didn’t like the fact you had to delete characters in order to be able to create new ones. That means the engagement of the system became a hassle. 

Feedback. A few of you really didn’t like the limitation of 5 characters. 

That it? 

No. I’m going to be watching the characters people add to see what fandoms people are using, and other RP’s. You may see a few fandom based categories pop up based on popularity within the Forum. If you have any questions or additional feedback leave them in the link below. 

Feedback here 

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