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New movies for eg


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Hey, guys

Today we'll be chatting about my new movies I have made. Comment if u like and don't be scared to comment me on  constructive criticism if I do have errors. 

1. Equestria Girls: The pre-teens

Plot: The Cutie Mark Crusaders are curious about their older sisters and their friends and how it was like for them when they were tweens. Can they make friends with 2 Crystal Prep students in order to defeat Day Breaker?

2. Equestria Girls: Camp hobby

Plot: Come on a journey to the Equestria Girls' new summer camp. All the girls are excited since all their hobbies are there. But what will happen when Timber Spruce cuts down the life form tree, can they still survive without this tree?

3. Equestria Girls: Pool Rules

Plot: It is the girls' last year at Canterlot High and this summer, they are all going to tropical island and the main theme seems to be... Pools! Can they teach Rarity and Fluttershy how to swim?

That is all, I will keep posting my creations! Hope u enjoy:fluttershy:


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