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gaming My Little UNO: Draw 4 and Suffer...with Friends! (PS4, PS5)


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Oh, you will get cards. And your rage shall feed the laughs of a thousand ponies.

Hello, forumites! Once upon a time, I started a Playstation Uno club with @Dark Horse and @Jeric. We had two or three nights where we played synced Uno and talked over Discord. It has been some time since any of us have gotten around to this, so I thought we should provide a topic for PS Uno, in case anyone else would like to join the circuit. Mayhaps we can start organizing more game nights. :orly:

If you own a late-gen Playstation console, own UNO on one of those consoles (or are now considering it), and are interested in playing with other forum members, share your Playstation gamertags here. You can also share your Discord tags, if you'd like to also join voice chat during games. 

Once we have an active list going, I'll start adding that info to the bottom of this initial post. :ithastolookpretty:

My PS tag is Six-TailedNaruto, back from my teenager days of being an anime nerd. :Thorax: My Discord is N.Colt#2632. Please do not add me willy nilly, however, as I tend to regularly sift through contacts I don't regularly talk to. I'd be happy to add people prior to a given game night, instead. :Pharynx:

How about you? :mustache:

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