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music Spotify Wrapped 2021 - Share yours!

Kyoshi Frost Wolf

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Another year another nickel. Spotify has begun to wrap up the year of listening with a really nice bow made of mendable gold. Trust me. :P I don't know if I've ever shared mine before so hey, let's share ours if you have one.

In the spoiler are screenshots I took of mine, sorry about the Skype call icon. In a call with my boyfriend. :3


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34 minutes ago, SolisNoctii said:
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Well that's unfortunate ;~;


@KyoshiCongrats on hitting a Top 0.5% though, that's pretty awesome!

Doesn't let guests view it, that's a shame. I wasn't aware of that. They really should allow that. I was surprised to see that 0.5% myself. :kirin: Wasn't showing the album art in that panel for some reason. Psyclon Nine has been one of my favorite groups for many years now, since 07 specifically. My favorite album from them has fluctuated over the years but INRI has been hitting all the good notes for me lately. 

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#2 made me LOL. Like sure I listened to some of FFXIV's OST: Hallowed Halls (The Vault's music) and Revolutions (the theme from Stormblood) but I still don't know how that happened. Guess I listened to them more than I thought? :O

Everything else is less surprising. I certainly listened to a lot of Medieval music and Sunshine Pop this year. Kinda surprised by the omission of Baroque Pop. My number 1 listened to song is Baroque Pop (this). But I suppose seeing as we don't see how Spotify labels genres, maybe things were labeled weird (maybe it was all lumped into Sunshine Pop? Weird if so).

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Alright, let's do this!


This year and the last, buddy.. :scoots:



Nice! Is this an 80s action flick? :Daydreaming:




You sure I didn't direct this movie? :sneer:

Okay, for real, here are my actual stats:





Woooooohhh... :sunbutt:



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