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Would you share your Doughnut?

Sky Knight

Doughnuts Share  

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  1. 1. Do you share your doughnuts?

    • Yes, donuts for all!
    • No, it's my donut!

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No, I would not share my donut. They aren't that big and by the time I divide it up there won't be much left anyway. If someone wants to fight me for my donut they can pry it out of my cold, dead hands if they're lucky enough to win the battle.

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I’d rather throw them at my coworkers.

Now if someone would like to help me do that then by all means grab one and get to throwing.

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I dunno. I suppose if I haven’t already taken a bite out of it I’d be willing to break it in half. Otherwise it seems like too much fuss over something that doesn’t have that much nutritional value. Once you break up a doughnut the two halves don’t really justify the journey. And what next? Share my cup of coffee? I’m sorry but no. I have to draw the line somewhere. Touch my coffee and you die.

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We don't have them in my country. Only they share the name and look the same, but they do not taste the same :worry:

So I wouldn't share if I got a chance to eat one again

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