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Issues with character profiles and submissions.

Props Valroa

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I have noticed several issues with the character profile systems. I will list them here. I hope that someone has the answers to these, and can look at these problems in the future - If that isn't too much to ask.

1. When submitting a character sheet, there is no way to see it if you clicked off the screen. No way to get back to it. I worked on one last night, now it's gone and I can't view it since it hasn't been approved yet.
2. Notifications with my own character in threads. 


3. Some of my characters are no longer listed on the list when you go to the 'players' section, and some of them will say 'inactive' despite me recently using them. I am sure this isn't only in my case. 

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I’ll pass along the first one to the creator of this plugin. Once submitted and waiting for approval I don’t think the character system allows for editing until a staffer looks at it, but I may be misreading the issues 

 The other two I may be able to take a closer look later. 

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Once it is submitted you can't view it if you click off the page. I can understand characters being 'inactive', but you can't view them normally unless you go to the thread they are in and click on the profile.

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Moments ago, Jeric said:

We no longer use the inactive processes, so that part is addressed. 

There we go, problem resolved!

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