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Question regarding the portrayal of Foals.


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Why are baby foals depicted as being at the same stages of development as Human Infants instead of real life foals which that are more mature and can even stand up and move on their own within 30 minutes after birth?


This pic is related to centaurs but best illustrates the difference between foals and human babies:


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There are a few possibilities. It's more relatable for a human audience, especially parents still going through the struggles of early child rearing. With added appeal towards the rest of the family, MLP will be played more often, which also means more advertising opportunities directed at their kid's. Not sure if it's a win win, but definitely a small trade off that we all benefit from as the result if better show writing.

There's also the reasoning behind why a foal can just get up and go versus the floppy meat sack with adorable eyes. Humans aren't fully developed when they're born, and need extra care until they can fully invest in the intelligence branch of their skill tree. Horses don't, but real horses also aren't sentient. More intelligent animals, often but not always, require more care to give their young the best chance at survival. This has incidentally occurred/been displayed in MLP.

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Mom and dad are so happy in that picture 🤭


Why do we have baby Pinkie Pie dolls on the store shelves? Because it sells. Doesn't have to make sense.

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