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 So I hear there's this...thing called "March Madness"...ah nothing like a little chaos eh? Oh?  Not that? Hmmm, basketball you say? Well...if it's March Madness...I'd say "Let the Madness begin!" So apparently, today is "Selection Sunday", what teams will be in? But first...let's have a little fun...I have scrambled up some team names and their colleges...do you think you have what it takes to...undo this...Madness... chuckle
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Alright ballers! Are you ready??

Here are the scrambled teams! Can you match them correctly?


1. TCU

2. NC State

3. Alabama

4. Kansas

5. Michigan State

6. Howard

7. Pittsburgh

8. UConn

9. Texas

10. Duke

11. Auburn

12. Virginia

13. Penn. State

14. Indiana

15. Furman

16. Maryland


1. Spartans

2. Blue Devils

3. Bison

4. Longhorns

5. Huskies

6. Horned Frogs

7. Tigers

8. Crimson Tide

9. Terrapins

10. Cavaliers

11. Wolfpack

12. Panthers

13. Nittany Lions

14. Paladins

15. Jay Hawks

16. Hoosiers

Also, here's the bracket for you to fill out! https://sports.cbsimg.net/images/collegebasketball/ncaa-tournament/brackets/printable/cbs-sports-2023-bracket.pdf

When all things are said and done, the person with the closest bracket to what happened will win a prize! I suggest you fill this out today (Monday) and PM your predictions to me. 

When you think you have the answers to the matched teams, PM me! :D

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The only team that matters is 13. ;) 

Just to clarify, all individuals who submit a complete bracket will receive this Achievement 



The person with the most accurate bracket will get the Golden Horseshoe March Madness parallel badge as well. 



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