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Match 11 Group A: Everfree vs. Kirin village

Props Valroa

Match 11 Group A: Everfree vs. Kirin village   

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  1. 1. Everfree or Kirin Village?

    • Team Everfree: Mage Meadowbrook, Gloriosa Daisy, Epic Mount, Steven Magnet, Capper
    • Team Kirin Village: Autumn Blaze, Mistmame, Lemon Zest, Rain Shine.

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A mysterious fire outbreak hit the Everfree forest, burning almost everything in sight. Gaia Everfree took control of the Everfree forest hoping to save the remnants of it. Gaia grew weary that this would happen again and shut off everyone from going into the forest. Years later, Mage Meadowbrook and her fellow villagers, who live in the outside parts of the Everfree Forest, suffered from low food and water supplies. In order to regain balance in nature again, they must convince Gaia to reopen the Everfree Forest so that life can be restored for all parts of the forest. 


 Not so far from the Everfree Forest, the Kirins are known for being impatient and hostile. They’re not afraid to express how they feel, even if that means losing their tempers. Rain Shine, the most kind hearted and calm ruler of the Kirins, is worried that her fellow Kirins might end up hurting each other if they cannot control their emotions. Unfortunately, on that dreadful day she was too late. There was an outbreak. A fire outbreak. Her faithful assistant, Autumn Blaze was ordered to try to calm her people down.. but it was all in vain. Now years later, Rain shine and her fellow Kirins shut themselves away from everyone, as a  punishment for their mistakes. The only Kirin who still sees forgiveness as healing is Autumn blaze. She must find a way for the Kirins and her queen to regain that inner peace again.


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I'm voting for Team Kirin and I don't even need to think about it. Mostly because of Autumn Blaze. :please:

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