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Celestia's soul song shuffle game

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A musical game about singing.

Here is how it goes. Starting from myself someone will pick an MLP song for you to sing and you have to post a recording of you singing it: video or just plain audio doesn't matter.

Then the next person will pick a song for that person and so on.

As for the rules the song can be anything form g1-G5 and yes EG is fair game as well but it must be an OFFICIAL song of MLP so no fan versions of songs since not everyone may know said fan songs. 

Unused versions of songs are allowed so long as the song can be found on YouTube and was indeed going to be an official song and not say a remix so sunset/Twilight duet song is acceptable for example.

in the case of multiple song roles E.G. CMC song you have to sing all the roles in that song.

Anyways, that's about it so someone pick a song and I'll post a recording of my cat screeching disguised as singing lol.

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