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I’ve been really into making MLPx Helluva Boss art for a while now. Especially with Octavia and Luna. 

Drawn in MS Paint. 

Princess Luna (My Little Pony), Octavia (Helluva Boss), and Celeste (Animal Crossing). I 100% headcanon that Celeste and Octavia are Luna's adopted daughters that she is able to meet up with in her dream realm, because unbeknownst to probably a lot of pony fans, Luna actually owns two owls in the chapter books (Castor and Pollux) so why not MORE owls for her?! And ones that have astronomical backgrounds as well!

Additionally I ran with the idea that Luna is an adoptive mother to Octavia because the poor girl has an awful mother in the waking world ans naturally, aside from her dad, would need someone to turn to, and often finds solace in her dreams while she is asleep and in Luna's dream realm. 

And furthermore, their kimono's are a slight nod to a certain anime (cookies if you guys can guess the anime and who wears them)

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