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Casual RP!

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Hello, all roleplayers! This section is dedicated towards Casual RP. What is a Casual RP, you might ask? Well, a Casual RP is a type of RP that is generally laid back and simple. Casual Roleplays can range from one liners to paragraph roleplays, simple roleplays that don't have much of a complex plot. If you just want something easy and fun, this section is for you! 

Casual Roleplays are also a good place for beginners to begin Roleplaying in simple environments while they learn the ropes from more experienced roleplayers. This is a good place to start Roleplaying, if you are new to RP! 

If you have any questions, contact me,  @Mentis Soliloquy, @GeneralDirection, or @ReverieRiver!


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