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Any Sport fans?


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How much you love your sport or/and your sport team? How you feel when they lost (either as a fan or player or both)? Are there time you give up or lost interest or fall out of love on your sport or/and sport team? Do follow/support your national team? Are you a fan of a sport team from other area you not from?  What you think about people support team from other area they not from? Also do you respect/dislike your rival teams? Go to any matches How good are you at sport? When bad at sport at school how people there threat you? (sorry forr all these question)


I not sure there a thread of this, and think of making this tread and not say how people will respond. I made this thread cos of what been going on with my team, Manchester United and how I'm feeling about the team and sport. I just can't what happen and how worse it got for the team and knowing rival teams doing well, which frusrating me. I may become supporter about 9 year old in 1996, most become supporters at early ages. I think I'm a different kind of fan/supporter that many don't understand, if I'm a fan of that team I be fan of that team, sorry it hurt some people that your problem. Manchester United is part of me and my ID and football part of my life that why I feel so hurt cos I love the team. And do dislike these rivals and can't stand seeing/knowing they doing well as my team struggling. There many times try to give up and stop on soccer and Man United but they never seem to leave me and hard to avoid football and when people mention like my team lost I get depress and angry, try to give up now and feel I get rid of my Man United and football stuffs, but fear I might regret it. I also support England and wanted to win World Cup (Men team) they seem to fail every time they in the World Cup. I'm not from Manchester but are there rule to support/become a fan of which team to support, and people that moan to me supporting Manchester United and not city I'm from but they don't follow their country I find that typical. Did went to football matches of my local team (only one season and did watch them play against Manchester United) but not at Old Trafford (Manchester United's home) but hope one day I go to matched at Old Trafford, I did got critzitc for it, like how many matches I need to go to prove myself to be a fan. I did visited Old Trafford three times. I may be called glory suppporter but to me I'm not and it's their problem. I do miss glory days and hoping ut will last longer. Also fan of England in Cricket and both Rugby Union and League and also fan of Yorkshire Cricket County Club.

Also I not hreat at sport and was judged at school. Which made PE my worst subject and one of the reason I dislike football (soccer).

(Sorry for these little long post but I need tell my bit, don't judge me, no time for it or need for it.)

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I live in Australia, so my favorite sport is always going to be the AFL (Australian Football League), with my favorite teams being Geelong, Melbourne, Richmond, and just about every single Victorian club in the comp, not the interstate clubs.

Cricket is also another favorite sport of mine, I love going to the matches live, whether it be Australia playing, or anyone else in the country I follow.

I especially love motor racing, V8 Supercars, NASCAR, Monster Trucks, and just about anything with four wheels going fast.

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