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If the world was going to end in ten minutes from now...

Cherry Blossom

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I would listen to Mozart - Eine kleine Nacthtmusic. And I would listen to it at the loudest possible volume. It is my "doomsday go to music". :yay:

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Contact my online family and friends. Wishing them goodbye and telling them thanks. Listen to Imagine Dragon Demons and finally. Gather my offline family and hug each other tightly till the end while praying

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You'd all be getting an alert as a reminder of how lovely you are and have been here in the community. And then I would just glomp Sir Hugsalot and cling hard because: epic hugs ;~; 

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You remember the scene with Scarface quiting on half baked? 

Kinda like that with some people I know and loathe.

It's nobody here btw I have no issue with a single person here but yes to the people that earned it I'm gonna be like.

Duck you, duck you, duck you, You're a huge goose, and duck the rest of you of gooses I'm out. 


BTW autocorrect on my phone actually changed the first "duck" to another word so WATCH as you type guys fair warning.

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2 hours ago, ZiggWheelsManning said:

I would meet up with @StarlightNyars, both of us would team up, put on boxing gloves and say,

:angry:"We're not going down without a fight":unamused:  

“I’ve been wanting to do this for centuries”

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