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On 2013-01-14 at 11:47 PM, Jammo said:

If you want to know a manticore from a chimera, Applejack would have no idea.

That aged well ^_^

I think the question should be rephrased to, what level of formal education has Applejack received.

Experience often shows its greater value over what a curriculum has missed, but foregoing school will also leave you behind of newer developments in your field. No system is perfect, but for the sake of this topic, if there isn't some kind of formal acknowledgement on a piece of paper, I'm not counting it.

We know Applejack has received at the very least an elementary level of public education. Given how old fashioned and limited the Ponyville education system is, as well as people in real life seeming to really discover themselves around the time they're in middleschool, I'd be willing to say that these levels are merged.

Did Applejack attend highschool? I doubt it. This would have been a ripe age to pluck her for taking on greater responsibilities on the farm, especially with the passing of her parents.

Did Applejack received a higher education? Well this is a little more difficult to pin down. I believe she appreciates a higher education, so long as others don't put her down and act all snooty. To actually manage a farm, you often require at least a highschool education, and bachelor's in agricultural have been available in the US since the 1860's. Some require a certification process which appears to be more in line for those who were raised on farms, so she could have done something similar to Rainbow Dash for her entrance exam to the Wonderbolts Academy. However, none of that may be required, so long as the farm was in Granny Smith's name.

Finally with the School of Friendship, she must have been given an honorable degree in teaching.

TLDR; Applejack has received at least an elementary level education, but could very well have received 2 degrees/certifications.

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She went to school just like everypony else in the ponyville, at least I assume she did. Honestly, what kind of education they are supposed to receive, their education is based on idea that earth ponies farm, unicorns do magic, and pegasi are busy with weather duty.  

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