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Courageous Thunder Dash

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Here's special piece I composed. It's a tribute to the new relationship between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo.




It also has lyrics


WARNING: Have a tissue ready, 'cause this piece nearly made my cry when I was composing it. 



Verse 1

The night is calm

Nopony awake

All in their dream

With Luna’s eye

I’ve always had a silent fear

But I, am afraid to say it to her

Prelude to chorus

I have always looked to her

From the time I first met her

I’m waitin’ for that moment

When she will take me…



Under her wing

Safe and secure

A younger sister

Under her wing

Verse 2

Out in the darkness, ‘cause of my fear

(I can’t take it anymore)

I must confess, but I’m too scared

It’s all because of one thing:

I might lose a special friend

My role model

Second Prelude to Chorus

My fear took me too far

Risking my own life

Almost drowning then you

Came and rescued me and I was


Under your wing

Safe and secure

My life was saved

Under your wing


‘Cause I will never leave you

Nor forsake you

Kid it’s what I do

I am loyalty

Tell me what drove you

To do such a feat

Tell me why

Oh tell me why

Verse 3

You said you never had a sister before well,

Neither did I

In fact

Those scary stories that you heard back there,

I was scared of them once

But now I’m not



So you’re lookin’ for an older sister

Someone to lead you, someone to be there for you

I can do that

It’s a deal; you’re now

Chorus(Reprise x2)

Under my wing

Safe and secure

I will always love you

Under my wing (x3, slow on last repeat)


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This is very talented.

I really love the way the instruments go together to make this really beautiful piece, it must of taken some time, it defiantly deserves alot of attention!

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You have done good job! You should be commended for your efforts! Why aren't people commending you? This is excellent! It's better than anything I could do, for sure :3

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