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Hey there, PegasusThunder. And welcome to the forums. I'm RKA. Hope you'll have a nice time 'round here. :)



Hey, I have one question, how do you join groups? I cant seem to find how to,

... what groups do you mean ?

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I mean like pegasus, pony, unicorn, changling, parasprite, etc. For example, the symbol under your profile pic that says "Unicorn"

Ah, those are ranks. You rank up depending on how many active posts you have on the forums. Right now you have 0 active posts (if you haven't posted outside this section, yet), which means you're on the Blank Flank rank. (That rhymes :P )

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Oh, those aren't groups. When you reach 5 posts on a thread, you turn into a muffin. Click on my ranking, for example. You'll see the amount of posts you have to get to reach to a certain ranking. :D


Wow I never knew you could click on a ranking and see the amount of posts you need to reach a certain ranking...*facepalm*

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