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S06:E20 - Viva Las Pegasus

Ashen Pathfinder

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TitleViva Las Pegasus

Air Date: September 17, 2016
Written by: Kevin Burke and Chris "Doc" Wyatt

Synopsis: The Map sends Applejack and Fluttershy to Las Pegasus where they find Film and Flam working in a resort called Gladmane's, where suspicious dealings are going on.


Of course remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on Equestria.tv!



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Wow. I got no hype nor doomsaying toward this episode. How I'll feel about this episode is completely up in the air.

Scratch that! I wouldn't be surprised if more posts about how the Cutie Map either is a jerk or a wasted opportunity when I know the Map was just fine in Season 5!

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Hehehe, I've been waiting to see this place in the show for a LONG time!  Getting an AJ/Fluttershy combo is an extra bonus!  Here's hoping for a delightful episode, everypony!!!  :squee:  :icwudt:

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Alright, now THIS is how you do a combo ep with these two...  throw them in a spot that neither of them are going to particularly enjoy!  :ph34r:  :muffins:

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I'm surprised those show critters didn't start spilling the beans to Fluttershy immediately since nopony else would be able to understand them.


EDIT: Ah, they did spill the beans, she just had to ask them.

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Holy crap, I am liking this episode so far!  It's got a whole lot of fun sights and gags already, I love it!!!!

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I never get tired of seeing smug Fluttershy. 


Also, look at how detailed these sets are! This episode must have taken forever to animate, to say nothing of the countless unique background ponies popping up.

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Dungeons and Discords seemed to canonize the comics by making O&O canon and this seems to canonize Friends Forever #9.

Umm...didn't an issue of Friends Forever did this plot with Granny Smith as the mare with the solution already?


Indeed it did! Combined with Dungeons and discords, comics are now canon.

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