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Blue Fire and Roola


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Hello every pony its good to be here in the land of equestria (sorry for my terrible spelling). My name is Blue fire and while I dont have a cutie mark I dont really mind having a blank flank. Anyway I am an elemental pony and my partner is a magical scarf named roola and while she can't talk she definatly has a mind of her own. many ponies dont belive in elemental ponies since they have forgotten us but I dont mind, it sometimes funny when I pass by and an earth pony or pegasi gets surpirsed by me its really something. 


incase your wondering my element is ice and even though my tail looks like fire its actually cold fire not the kind that burns since mine freezes. anyway I hope to make many new friends here and am glad to be apart of the heard.



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Welcome My Friend !


Welcome to the friendliest corner of the internet ^_^


I love the Elemental ponies, they are quite awesome in my books ^_^


If you have any questions or just wanna talk, shoot me a PM, Id love to help :)


Oh and -Totally gives you an awesome Dawn Rider Hug-

Welcome again!!!

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thanks for that I appreciate the welcome...I am glad someone hasn't forgotten the elemental ponies, its all normally about earth ponies and pegasi even alicorns that ponies forget that there are are many different kinds of ponies out there such as myself...Ill definatly send ya a PM sometime lol thanks for the hugg

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very much so I Roleplay all the time even though i kinda can't at the moment given the fact I havent made enough posts to do so. But when ever I do roleplay I make sure all my characters are well fleshed out and have a pretty cool backstory

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Welcome to the MLP Forums! :3

We have much you can participate in: 



Viewing/showing art


Blah, blah, blah.. There is much more! :)


I hope you enjoy it here.






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