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On 2013-06-25 at 8:46 PM, NavelColt said:

Twilight's gone through a portal, and could possibly be trapped there for thirty moons, you say?




Also, Spitfire replaces Twilight's old spot in the Mane Six, as Harem Dash's right-hand mare.

Nah, Flutters would take over


Just look at how beautiful she is


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So, long story short, I ship two background characters, they get together later because of their rivalry (which in turn, I guess is because they were actually stunned by each other so they pretended to be jealous or some shit) The two are Orange Swirl, and Rainbowshine (The ship is called Orangey-Shine) 

Here's my "In a Nutshell" meme! 

(Rainbow-Shine vector by bluemeganium, Orange Swirl vector by ???)


Screenshot 2023-08-12 8.36.26 PM.png

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