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video Parkour and Freerunning over the years...

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I've been doing backflips on my mom's bed ever since I was 2, but I officially started training in Parkour and Freerunning when I was 10 (5 years ago). Although, it wasn't until I was near the end of 14 when I found some parkour classes. They improved my skill beyond what I? thought was possible, so I decided to make another video from what I've learned.


Here are two of my videos... one is me when I was 12, and the other is me when I'm 14-15 (now). Please enjoy! wink.png


12 years old:


My first Parkour/Freerunning video was OK, I guess (Although, this was more of a "tricking" video than a Parkour/Freerunning video). I thought this was the best I was ever going to get, but I had NO idea what I would be doing in 2-3 more years...




14-15 years old:


My skills have improved 10 FOLD ever since the last video, and I'm still improving at a fast rate. I've been working hard on this video for the past 8 months, and it definitely has been worth it! This time, some of my best friends got to be in the video!



If your interested in this stuff/doing this stuff, you should check out my Parkour and Freerunning Thread!

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damn boy, I'm so jealous, I always wanted to do that o_O


more than the parkour thing (which is awesome already) I just love all the flips and backflips, it reminds me of Sanji from One Piece *sigh*


that's awesome. Can I buy you? :P

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I am catastrophically jealous some pretty sick skill I used to go free running I started when I was about 13 and was getting pretty good Me and a friend of mine were making out first video about it when we were around 16 and I stuffed up a jump and completely ruined my left leg for life (because we were outside with no crash mats) :( So that dream was snuffed before it could take off. But never the less you sir are awesome well done. I think Ill subscribe on youtube :) 

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