MLP banned from Polish school for promoting occultism & satanism... WTF?! o_O

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Lucky thing I'm not a student there. I'd totally go drowning in pony merch. I'd be kicked out for life. Totally worth it though to protest the fact that, yeah mlp has some dark stuff in it but when you add in the logic if interplaner logistics any fear of the dark crep is illogical. Besides if they want to ban something how about shows made by druggies like uncle grandpa (seriously what sane sober person could come up with that show, plus it makes fun of mentally disabled people, what more does one need to ban a show that actually is doing the wrong it's accused of?)

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See, this is why people lose faith in humanity. This right here. 


Maybe a little, but there's much worse out there going on. Just go to any news website and your faith in humanity plummets.


We're doomed!


But of course, ponies can save us...


Just spread the word, brother.

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You guys wanna hear some real brony ripping rage? I'm.. I'm an atheist, so I don't go lurking on Christian forums.. Except this one! Everypony here needs to troll this website...

I'm actually Christian.

They hate me now. They're actually a parody of Christians.

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I think they have a huge problem with the hexagram, aka Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark.  Hexagrams, hexes, hmm...yeah, I guess some people would be creeped out by that. 

At the end of the second episode of season 4 if I remember well, Twilight makes a huge Merkaba (the 3 hexamgrams that have a 666 on it) Maybe that was the problem.

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