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  1. Banned because I'm the Master of Bannings deleting your posts, twisting your words and smashing your quotes.
  2. Banned because Drake put up a Christmas tree and I didn't. Outdone by Drake. Damn.
  3. Banned because it's the safest thing to do, just like assuming that as soon as I fall asleep, BloodDrops over there will munch on my brains.
  4. So I take it Rainbow Dash is a juice addict in the censored version? Because that's worse. Rainbow Dash juicing to get ahead in the Wonderbolts.
  5. Banned because as far as I know, zombies don't need sleep, bro.
  6. I'm a huge fan of evil robots, no matter how small or cute, so I hope to see more S.T.U.P.I.D.s roaming the streets and annihilating the squishies.
  7. I've watched read a few of the comic arcs, and they're alright, but they are not nearly show-worthy. Best one is still the first one with Chrysalis.
  8. Am I the only one who thinks the banner up top is creepy as hell looking? Tis the season.

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    2. Rainblow H. Ash

      Rainblow H. Ash

      Yeah it's a lot lot strange. I'm not really a fan of the "realistic" style to be honest. There's a reason I like the cartoon, because they don't look like real horses running around.


      And I can see the llama bit. My Little Llama: Spitting is Magic.

    3. BlueStreak98


      That show might deserve 7 seasons too.

    4. Rainblow H. Ash

      Rainblow H. Ash

      Seven wet seasons of saliva. I dig it, bro.

  9. I watched it and didn't find it all that good. Just my opinion. I of course agree that's it's overrated either way. I'm not the mother, no need to talk to me about evil and where it comes from. I'm just coming from her perspective, seeing it from her eyes.
  10. Banned for not inviting us to a Banned Game sleepover party.
  11. I of course am a huge supporter of Granddad Discord spending time with Fluttershy, but so many Bronies ship them that they will burn this place to the ground if it happened.
  12. That's a badass shuttle, bro. Great picture and great work.
  13. Discord the janitor and his grand-daughter Fluttershy. Got a nice ring to it, brother.
  14. When the hell is Discord the school janitor going to show up? Hopefully the next movie will show us.
  15. How is the mom supposed to know she was dressed up as a wizard for Halloween? Either way, Frozen sucks, bad choice by the parent.
  16. Similar to the bunny master up there. I didn't change a lot about my profile or name, but I was gone long enough that most people don't really know me like they used to. Just the way I like it.
  17. For looking like a member of a sunglasses worshiping cult. Sunglasses are not cool at night, I'm telling you.
  18. I'd say so, as long as I get a cupcake out of it.
  19. Banned because there are no invalid ban reasons, only invalid people that need to be banned.
  20. Because only mighty Earth Pony magic can properly care for the plants that the Apples raise. Why don't we see whole families of unicorn farmers growing corn or something? Because they don't have a connection to the land. Without those Earth Ponies, the rest of Equestria would starve. Remember the three tribes? The Earth Ponies are the masters of farming. Stomp on their business and they'll buck back by stockpiling and gouging food prices.
  21. This should be an interesting topic to watch from afar in an uncomfortable plastic lawn chair. Good luck, bro.
  22. Banned for dressing like royalty, you pretender to the crown.
  23. Viewfinder Picture Book Mucky Rake Neigh Cheese Red Eye Blink Shot Penorama