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Well I was going to recite one my friend Scott invented, but that's about Governments, not My Little Pony.

I've actually looked myself for jokes about either Ponies, or Bronydumb in general and they're actually remarkably hard to come by, despite all the puns and subtitled reaction-images that are made (ignoring new comics that are generated on a regular basis).

It's rather ironic considering even many of the episode titles are also puns.

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If you're looking for jokes, there are a few threads floating around in Sugarcube Corner or the Forum Lounge that you might want to have a look at:





This thread appears to be related to the My Little Pony franchise and/or the Bronydom in general. Thus, it has been sentenced to Sugarcube Corner.

This is an automatically generated message, by the way.
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As others have said, you will find other joke threads around here with the MLP jokes you are looking for. But I think I will leave one here for you, just to be nice.


Why does Fluttershy speak so softly?
She's a little hoarse.


Ba dum tss

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