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I decided to take a picture off my current level of swag. Mind you this is just of officially licensed merchandise.




I actually have a bit more on the way, including the Fan Favorite collection with Nightmare Moon and the white Celestia. Also finally ordered a shirt, Flowing Rainbow, from WeLoveFine and the Derpy messenger bag.


You will notice I have no play-sets, they are not really my thing and I doubt I will get any of the sets that come with nothing but a bunch of accessories and/or cloths. Really mostly just interested in some specific figures. I do hope they come out with more of this little plushies though so I can get the full mane six.

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not bad...


ive gotten a bit carried away LOL


whats almost impossible to see is the cases of BB's and the card set mostly complete as well as the NMM set up top next to the castle set..as well as aj's truck, farm and some otehrs in the other room and all the plushies



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