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Battle Gem Ponies - A Pony Tamer RPG

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The new Ultra Demo has Arrived!



Patrons & Backers, check your email! 💌 🦄
The Battle Gem Ponies Ultra Demo is Here! 🎮
Just read the latest Backers Only post and you'll find the password to gain access: patreon.com/YotesGames
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The BGP Ultra Demo is HERE!! ☄️
The beefiest update yet, and we're still not finished! Another Demo is on the way. Look out for the Free Public Demo on August 25th, just in time for Everfree Northwest. Play this one now on our Patreon and help make this game real!
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Released to celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of the Kickstarter that made this project possible!


Download Here: https://yotesmark.itch.io/battle-gem-ponies
In This Demo You'll Find:
- New Battle Mechanics
- More Team Customization Options
- A Lively Island Overworld to Explore
- A New Shop & Currency System
- 12 New Pony Ultra Forms
- More Advanced Battle AI
- Improved HUD/UI
- And a Bangin' New Boss Fight Track!

[Patch Notes for 0.5.2]
- Wild Battles No Longer Freeze When P2 Picks an Invalid Turn Action
- Missing Overworld Interaction Text Has Been Reinstated
- Fixed Visual Glitch with Water Tiles
- Level 3 AI Will No Longer Force Basic Class Ponies to Go Ultra
- KO'd Party Leader Ponies No Longer Appear in Battle
- Declined Tamers in Town Won't Force You to Battle Anyway
- Erasing Files Now Fully Resets All Data for that File
- VS Match Menu No Longer Breaks After Returning from a Force Quitted Match
- Move Info UI is Slightly Larger

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Battle Gem Ponies 1 Year Later...



Check out this video about the development journey so far and the upcoming changes to how we do things here at YotesMark.

If you're in a rush, the short summary is that the game won't be out for another 12-16 months, the merch store is closing in October so if you want extra shirts better grab 'em now, the physical Kickstarter rewards will start going out in October (excluding all the stuff that won't come 'til release), and we have far reaching plans to make Battle Gem Ponies a full-fledged series when this is all said and done.

We're looking forward to all the updates to come over the next year and are eternally grateful for every backer's help in making it possible.

Thank you all so much, for following the development of Battle Gem Ponies!

- Tony Yotes of the YotesMark Dev Team

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