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The Propane Crusaders


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Looking for a radical new hobby to keep yourself busy when you aren't masturbating I mean, umm whatever you folks do in your spare time... Then, um look no further! Here at the "Propane Crusaders" we put propane first and other shit second. (You know why, because propane is best pony)


Our motto is: "If you want fuel that is environmentally cool, PROPANE! If you wanna grill out, for me there is no doubt, PROPANE!"


Those who disregard our laws, terms of service will not be invited to join. Only those who show full devotion to our love, propane, can join our cause.



-Must fucking love propane

-Hate of charcoal of any kinds

-Must agree that propane is best pony

-Must have had relations with a propane tank once before 

-Have a "I enjoy propane" tattoo 

-Trixie is best non-propane related item



If you are interested in joining, good for you! But not just anyone can join, you must be approved by the supreme overlord of propane, Chevette. 


The Three Propane Crusaders:

- @Rockymoo

- @GabenDash




Coffee Delivery Specialist: 

Propane Related Delivery Specialist: 

Propane & Propane Grill Administration Adviser: @Dashie~

Propane Related Emissions Control Manager: @Sir.Flutter Hooves

Designated Driver & Head of Alcohol Requisitions Department/Chief Doobie Tokin' Engineer: 

Propane Related Development Department of Propane Trade & Propane Distribution:

Head Department Manager of Propane & Trixie Related Transactions:



Edited by Chevette
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Can I join? :D


*Shuffles Papers* *Puts on reading spectacles*


Lets see.. We have a open position as a "Coffee Delivery Specialist" if you are interested.

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Sign me up. PROPANE!


Let's see....

*Puts on reading spectacles* *Shuffles papers*


We have a opening for a "Propane Related Delivery Specialist" if you are interested.

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Welcome to this propane related community! Stay strong in your efforts to defeat the evil charcoal monster! 

It's important to believe in propane at all times and keep Bobbeh out!

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I'll take it!


Welcome, friend! WELCOME TO THE BEST PROPANE RELATED CLUB EVER CREATED! You will be involved in many propane related tasks and missions in your time here, it is important to keep propane first at all times!

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Oh, Bobby Duggart? (GOOGLE IT)


Propane is the master. Propane us our life. Propane is what keeps us great. WE SHALL NEVER CHARCOAL!

You've got the right idea, sonny! Keep it up!

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Can i join? I dunno if I'm eligible but i like to grill using propane if that helps :)


Let's see... *Shuffles through papers*

Would you like to be "Propane & Propane Grill Administration Adviser"

It's a noble position!

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Can I join your dang Propane club?


Of course! If you think you got what it takes to take propane and shove it everywhere!


Let's see... *Shuffles through papers*

We have a wondrous opening for the ​"Propane Related Emissions Control Manager"

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