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My random art here for you to enjoy :)











(I KNOW I KNOW i misspelled it.)


Tell me what you guys think







-Edit- [1/24/14]


This one I made for my Forum but I don't know if I can put my Forum link without getting a warning so if you want a link PM me.











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Nopony has posted here?  :blink:
Well I shall be the first!  ^_^
My favorites would be the Doctor Whooves one, the "Space" Rainbow Dash one, and the Derpy one.  :wub:
Not quite sure of any criticism or anything to give, so I guess that means you did well.
Good job.  ;)

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Overall, these are all well-made and rather interesting with my favorites among the bunch being 'The Trotting Dead,' 'Starry Rainbow Dash,' and the banner for MLP Forums.


I do have a couple of suggestions that may be of help in the future.  Though there is nothing inherently wrong with the 'Pinkie Pie Style' one, I feel that there is far too much pink with not enough contrast to make anything pop; it is a tad straining on the eyes.  Maybe a cerulean blue background with the pink swirls will help in that department.  I do have a bit more advice, but it would feel more like nitpicking so I will leave it at that.


Great job with these and I do hope to see more of your work in the future!  

(And as far as linking your own personal website and/or forum, I can see that you have it listed in your signature.  Just direct people to look there if they are interested in checking it out and you shall be fine)

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