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Hello I've done requests before, but I had to stop due to needing some more experience, but now im ready to try again (I will start more requests begining tomorrow and later tonight)

Below are some recently worked on pics




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D'aww, that Sweetie Belle is adorable.


Anyways, request, right XD  Could you draw my OC, Fizzle?  She's supposed to be around the age of the CMC.  Oh, if at all possible, could you draw her with her brother Ember?  If not that's completely understandable, just thought I'd ask ^_^


The picture on Fizzle's page right now is one that I drew myself, so consequently it's...  Not very good.  At all.  It should serve as a reference if nothing else though :)

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Can you draw my OC Valor? I would like it to be a profile picture type. I'll attach a thunbnail. Oh, and if you can, discard the wings. Thanks for your time, if you cant, it is 100% ok. Don't feel obliged if you cant. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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