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A being you considered to be a myth turn out to be real,what'd be your reaction?

A mythic creature turns out to be real  

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  1. 1. A mythic creature turns out to be real. What'd be your reaction?

    • Astonishment
    • Fear
    • Rage
    • Happiness
    • I'd just don't care at all
  2. 2. What would you try to do with that creature?

    • Study it. It would be useful in some way.
    • Slay it. It could be dangerous.
    • Contemplate it. Just looking at it for hours without doing anything more.
    • Nothing at all.

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It depends on the creature. If it's a phoenix, then I'd be astonished and amazed. If it was something like Cerberus... that's a different story.


I'd probably scream.

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