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Do you have an easy time making friends?


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I used to have a hard time making friends, and I still do kind of, but since I made that last post above I've made some pretty amazing friends, including my best friend who I love dearly.

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It used to be very hard when I was a child/teenager, but after I grew out of my shyness it became a lot easier. I'm still an introvert, but if I choose so I can actively approach people. This being said, even if it got easier for me to approach people, it became harder and harder to find people you can trust and in my experience many people just try to exploit one.


"If so, do you keep those new friends?"

I keep a friend as long as we both wants it. And as long as I'm not exploited or betrayed, I don't see any reason to stop being friends. Some friendship are close some other are not.


"How long do you tend to keep friends?"

as long as possible


"Are you an introvert or an extrovert? "




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Kind of? I feel like it be hard to connect with people at times but once/if I do it’s very easy.

If so, do you keep those new friends?

Depends. Sometimes as you get to know people more you realize you might not have that much in common, or maybe you just lose interest in each other. I generally do my best to keep my friends though, provided they at least put some effort into doing the same.

How long do you tend to keep friends?

As long as I can.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 

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I'll say "yes.". 

I have a lot of "YAY! MLP!" friends on this forum and a handful of users who I feel comfortable with for more serious non-MLP topics. 

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hell no. I have such a difficult time making friends. 

At the moment I have two consistent friends but one of them moved to another state. (the one friend i've known the longest has been going to strong for about a year and a half approximately)

Recently made 3 new friends, which I'm very happy about but you know every year I make new friends and then 1 month to 6 months later they disappear. 

I hope it's different this time.

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