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What's the funniest thing you've seen a server admin do?


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For me, it was when I was on a Minecraft server. Someone joins under the name of Notch. Gets banned. 


Random Person: That was a bit harsh xD

Owner: He should be fixing the game, not sitting on his ass playing it.


Funny moment 2, on another server


Owner: Why won't anyone give towny a try?

Random Person: Because it's cheaper to buy claim blocks

Owner: I could always make wood and cobble griefable...

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>Playing CS:GO Jailbreak

>Admins come on after Terrorists were causing problems

>"Who's causing trouble here?"

>CT Warden says "it's usernamehere"

>Usernamehere leaves and changes username then rejoins

>Admins like "there is no one here with that name"

>Admins leave

>Proceed to cause trouble again


Made me laugh when it was happening ;D

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That sounds almost like a carbon copy of my server... Regardless, one of the funniest moments I've seen an Admin do was ban himself by using the tab completion that Minecraft has.


Another time, an admin was told that he wasn't fit to be an admin because he was following a person x-raying while vanished. Apparently, admins aren't supposed to use vanish.

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I saw a server owner on a Trackmania server ban himself when he meant to ban someone with a similar login as his (a troll was pretending to be him and use obscene language to others) :wacko:

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