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A little thank you letter to my friends here, for my (belated) 4 year anniversary

Mesme Rize


It's truly amazing. I've been on this forum for over 4 years now and i have seen quite alot here, from the good to the bad times. I remember when i came here at the beginning of 2015 and i was kind of in a bad place in my life, being depressed and having not alot of energy for anything in my life. I know for some it might be a surprise, but i never wanted to bother anyone at that time with my constant struggles.

But alot of you still helped me in another way and some of you still remind me that there is good in this world.

And i want to use this opportunity to give a big shoutout to a bunch of people.

@Creamy Arty You where the first guy i really tried to know here when i came here. My memory of our conversations back then are a bit foggy, but i always respected your presence and i also am glad that you came back after your absence.

@Jeric In the last 4 years i can't think of anyone being more suited for this admin job then you did. Your creative ideas to get this Forum active where always welcome to me and where always very fun. You are really one of the nicest people, i ever met on this site.

@PathfinderCS Even if we don't see eye to eye on the Snake vs. Deer argument, you are also a very chill guy to talk too, even if we don't had that many opportunities. You will always be best deer.

@LZRD WZRD I know, he hasn't been here for 3 years and he probably forgot about me. But he was a guy i really loved and i mean REALLY loved. While our paths have gone apart, i don't really hold a grudge against him and i truly enjoyed that one year we where together.

@Dark Horse My little bro. Maybe not in blood, but certainly in spirit. I remember when i met you first. You helped me up after my break up with WZRD. Ever since then, we always had a very special connection these past 3 years, even to the point that we meet in person here in Germany. There is no one, in the history of this forum, that i am more thankful for and i hope i'll be more thankful in the future to come.

@Sparklefan1234 You don't need to boop me everyday, You are probably king of the dorks, when it comes to forum activity, because there is simply no time i don't find you here. But i am glad to always find you here, doing your funny shenanigans.

@Will Guide You are probably my favorite guy, when it comes to talking about Disney, something that i loved since i was very little. I know you sometimes take my statements a bit too seriously, but i also take that as a compliment. You should always take your friends seriously when they have problems.

@JonasDarkmane My favorite viking in the world. You are the only guy i trust with, when it comes to have a civil political debate with. You also teached me to look a bit more deeper into the gray area that this world more and more forgets about. Thank you so much for that.

@Dark Qiviut I know what it is about you, but it seems like wherever i go in this fandom, you are always following me. I don't mean that as a bad thing though, since i admire your intelligence and your witiness. And while we where never that close with one another, i think you're a cool guy. (Stop calling me Kaa though. :P )

@Lord Valtasar I don't know you as long as other guys here, but i always enjoy your company during our discord get togethers. You are a very cool dude for me.

I am sorry if i missed some people, but i don't have time for all of you. I just wanted to shed my heart and give out my thanks for the last four years and i hope you also feel the same about me. :) 

I will always be your favorite hypnotic doctor snekpone. :3

Big Lamiahuggles for all of you

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You don't need to boop me everyday, You are probably king of the dorks, when it comes to forum activity, because there is simply no time i don't find you here. But i am glad to always find you here, doing your funny shenanigans.

Thanks? :-P 

Happy Forumversary, My Friend! :D


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(Stop calling me Kaa though. :P )

Sure, Khan. :mlp_wink:

Seriously, though, depression is a bitch, and the battle against it can get really fatiguing. We don't talk to each other much, but you are a really cool lamia, and you're a really bright spot throughout the forum.

Keep up the good fight, @Mesme Rize ^_^

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Congrats dude!


Here's to four more glorious years on these humble forums. 

May you last longer than Sanmartino's first title reign. 

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