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  1. For me it's definitely junior year. I was taking Calculus BC and AP Physics C. There were times when my physics teacher had to teach us how to apply calculus we didn't even know yet. How did your SAT go? I took it on Saturday too.
  2. When it comes down to it, I think it really matters what degree you get in college. Companies are always going to pay top dollar for their engineers, computer scientists, and statisticians, but you can't really complain about not finding work with a degree in history or liberal arts. Anyone will want an employee who's educated over one who's not for just any job, but the high paying jobs go to the ones who majored in what they were hired for.
  3. WWAPD

    S04:E18 - Maud Pie

    I liked this episode a lot more than I did the last one, mainly because the new character of Maud is pretty cool. Also, Maud wears a German WW1 helmet when she's drilling.
  4. 10/10 When I saw this sig I thought "ah geez a bunch of writing", but that's actually a pretty cool quote.
  5. WWAPD

    Pinkie Pie's intelligence low?

    Well, I've never been a big fan of Pinkie Pie, mainly because I saw her as kind of stupid from the beginning. I think that now her stupidity is just becoming more entertaining.
  6. WWAPD

    Why does everyone love Rarity so much?

    Haha. I implore you to listen to everyone when they say that Fluttershy is waaaaay more popular than Rarity. But fine, I'll try to answer your question. I don't like Fluttershy as much as Rarity because she never changes and seems to be there just so people can identify with her. I love Rarity because she's more developed, manipulative, dramatic, and funny (not exactly qualities I look for in a human being, but in a show about talking ponies? Well...). But like I said, people don't like Rarity because she gets away with a lot more mean shit than the other ponies do. Ironically enough, That's why I like her.
  7. WWAPD

    Do guys have it easier?

    I can honestly say I'm pretty happy to be born a guy. I don't have to worry about getting pregnant, getting raped (as much), and getting a period. I'm not as emotional, and pretty happy about being that way. And from what I can tell, girls are a lot meaner to each other. I don't mind being expected to perform heavy lifting, regardless of whether or not I can come anywhere close to successfully doing it. I don't have a problem with being expected to be chivalrous or a gentleman. I don't mind any of the "mindless thug" stereotypes imposed on me. I am awkward at times, but it's not much of a setback. I'm sure one could list several reasons as to why girls have it easier, but I honestly can't think of any situation in which i would rather be a girl. (Also, I'm not trying to be sexist or anything, I'm just saying that in this modern age, guys have it off better.)
  8. WWAPD

    least favorite level of school

    I'm a junior in high school right now and I have to say I actually having a pretty good time. Middle school was definitely my least favorite. It was my first real experience with actual class periods and daily homework. Also, my middle school was a charter school, and we had this thing called the "learning challenge" where everyone had to do a year-long project and present it at the end of the year. In sixth grade, I procrastinated and dreaded it so much it pretty much ruined the year for me (my eighth grade project was probably the best part of middle school for me though).
  9. WWAPD

    Modern teens and what you think of them?

    I'm 17 here. Alright, all I've really seen posted on this thread is a bunch of people (other teens included) bitching about how much they hate this generation of teens. Stop it. Just because you think partying, getting wasted, or doing drugs is a stupid thing to do doesn't make you any better than them. Their growing up, and instead of wasting their youth away watching a tv show for little girls, they decided to have a good time by doing reckless things they've never been able to do before. So what if they care about being popular? That's their choice to make, and it doesn't make them any stupider for wanting to be accepted by their peers (in fact, it's pretty normal). It's all part of learning how to be an adult. Calling them "swaggots" doesn't help. Maybe you need to realize that they're into things you're not. The youth from any other generation has gotten just as much hate, and grew up to be adults who pushed their problems back onto the next generation, who they in turn hated.
  10. WWAPD

    What is your weirdest fear?

    I'm afraid of touching my eyes. I've never really liked the idea, and once I tried getting contact lenses and I almost passed out.
  11. WWAPD

    Justin, Miley blabla vote :D

    Miley cuz she's naked. Also, she doesn't spit on her fans or egg people's houses.
  12. I guess it's fine not to watch the show. But I do think that a lot of the fan-made content is a lot more enjoyable after having watched the show. I mean, if you can't get through a full episode, then don't watch it, but if you have the ability, then for sure watch at least a few episodes.
  13. 1. Faint - Linkin Park - 7.5/10 2. Cry Like a Ghost - Passion Pit - 8/10 3. Cupcakes - Daniel Ingram - 7/10 4. Head Over Feet - Alanis Morissette - 4/10 5.Tell Me What You See - The Beatles - 9/10 Overall: 7.1/10 Makes me realize how much stuff is on my ipod that I don't listen to.
  14. WWAPD

    Has S4 changed your opinion of S3?

    I never had a problem with season 3, in fact I really liked it. One thing about season 4 is that it's so different from any other season so far. So far these season 4 episodes have been so off-the-wall, it's almost as if each episode is trying to one-up it's predecessor in craziness (one exception being the CMC episode). In some ways I feel like their wasting some great ideas. I mean, instead of having Daring Do be real, why not do and episode on writers block or something? That would be far more interesting than the crazy sound and light show we got. So I guess you could say that season 4 changed my perspective on season 3 in the sense that it made me realize how much more grounded season 3 is.
  15. WWAPD

    Movies/TV Top 10 anime girls

    Eruka from Soul Eater is clearly the best. Can't think of anyone else though.