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  1. Happy Birthday! :D

  2. Bumpity bump bump. We could really use the help guys. We already have a lot of animators, but we need a good one with leadership skills too
  3. The Rainbow Factory Movie is looking for an animator with above average skill to become the lead animator in the project. If you want a chance to animate what will be the biggest fan episode to date, send us your work! This project features the talents of many bronies such as Glaze (WoodenToaster), Mic the Microphone, Rina-chan and D0ubleRainb0wDash. For a full cast and crew list click HERE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For more information and links to where you should submit work, click HERE. Thank you and I look forward to seeing your
  4. CRAP:( I JUST got my computer fixed yesterday. Looks like I missed the deadline. Why must I always have these issues!? Aw well. Good luck to those who made it in time.
  5. Hold an Audition Spot for me xD I'm coming I promise! Having computer issues lately, but they'll be fixed soon
  6. You can't have my name, GeekBrony! DJ Saddl3 is not for sale! xD P.S. This is Robb from Twitter if you remember me
  7. I sing tenor very well. I went to state in Illinois this past year and sung in the state choir. Less than 100 tenors made the cut. I can also sing bass and my falsetto can reach into the soprano range with ease. I would love to be a part of this
  8. Lol this'll be fun. Nice to see another DJ out here If I have time to I'll send in a few lines. Keep up your DJ work. Watching you live right now xD
  9. Here you are my good sir My OC. I love these projects and hope that it turns out well best of luck to you! I wish I had talent to draw like that.
  10. Also true. If anything, ask the big guy himself on his tumblr or twitter. That's what I would do, personally.
  11. Agreed, Gucci He's definately using a vocoder (whether it's in Melodyne or Bitspeak, I'm uncertain)
  12. I know he uses a mix of Melodyne and Bitspeak. He uses Melodyne for the artificial harmonies and distorts it slightly Bitspeak more than likely for the tone processing. Considering I've never used these, I sadly can't help you past that, but I hope this bit of info can help you get a start. Good Luck.
  13. This is an idea: when I started doing voice acting, All I had was a $20 Microphone from Wal-Mart. It held up and did it's job, and for the price tag it did really well. I still have it today. Basically what I'm getting at is if you want to start on a no-budget, pick up a basic microphone from a mall or something near you. Record each thing separately Start with the guitar, then use the keyboard (if applicable) followed by the vocals and mix them together in Audacity. That's how I started. If you have the money to go out and splurge on higher quality equipment (listed lower to higher in price)
  14. I'm guessing you do acoustic guitar? You didn't really specify in the post. I have a lot of set-ups in mind, but I need to know what you play in order to help
  15. Well, i really can't record anything since i have a crappy electric drum set at the moment. Totally forgot about that ^^ nevermind. Sorry for wasting your time
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