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  1. ((Lolwut. I didn't understand that last post, could you redo or edit that. Cause that would be awesome. Thanks pumpkin. So now I guess things and stuff happen until I rus my limit so scimbabadibadbiyletleltle I'm the SCATMAN shimdeeboop I'm a seahorse))
  2. No orders yet. The morning sun was peeking over the hills, but there was nothing to do but stay in camp and clean weapons. 'In less than 48 hours, the city will realize they are having the same nightmares and rally. If we don't get orders before then, I will have to start the attack.' Ranger thought to himself. It was almost 7:00 and ranger was getting manic. He went to his crossbow and tightened the limbs to a perfect spring. He made a new bowstring every battle he had fought in, and this battle would be no exception. He took his bow cord and started the process. Loop after loop, this string looked the best yet. He strung it up, and the rigidity was perfect. He smirked and got to work on polishing the bolts with anthrax. Ranger was a blind sniper, but he had the ability to see life forms and zoom his eyes, so no scope was required. He was a dead eye, and hit every target he shot at. But he wasn't lazy about it, which meant; time for practice. Buzzieet. The bolt flew off the shaft of the crossbow and landed smack in the middle of the birds eye, no meat was harmed. "Perfect again, Ranger." He whispered to himself
  3. I must say I love your proportions. It's like a serious charicature. One of the sarcastic drawings you get at a fair lol. Awesome
  4. Is that bugs bunny with mutilated cheeks? I didn't know bugs could be in a nightmare... Lol. Not bad
  5. 15 miles... 20.... 30..... Rangers hooves were getting sore. Their march on the crystal empire hadn't exactly been subtle; but midnight insisted on sending the nightmare. Ranger would have preffered go in and slot throats, nice and quiet. But what is done is done, and he couldn't change it. 'One more step.' He thought, 'just one more.' Rangers crossbow was digging into his back and the arrows had not been properly prepared as midnight had very suddenly ordered the advance. No more orders had come through, but... "Halt!" Ranger yelled. It was almost dark, and the sagebrush covered field would be a hazard in bad light. "We make camp here!" And with that, the men set up tents and lot a fire.
  6. (( thank you for the clarification. really looking forward to this, it's going to be fun. Sorry for being so tough on you demon, fwiends :3. You're up silent dawn, lets get rrrrrrreerrroling with this. Space waster space waster space waster space waster ya))
  7. I'm on an iPhone. even smaller keys. didn't night dart just talk to me? And why did midnight say he's coming for cadence. Isn't the whole plot of this him thinking that cadence was a pony from the past and attacking her because he got her mixed up with an older ruler?
  8. ((Just trying to be helpful. So, this other dimension has no grammatical rules? And if he's in another dimension, how did he talk to night dart? Did he switch dimensions all the sudden? I would love an explanation. Just don't subject my eyes to crap. Oh and I don't have a complain, I just have a complain[T])
  9. ((Demon, for celestias sake, please please please PLEASE don't switch between time frames, eg. Don't use was and is, wanted and wants etc. you keep switching around tenses. Slow down and proofread yourself, you rushing it. The rp doesn't have to slam along.)) Midnight was mad with power, he wanted those in his way dead and would not stop for anything. Cadence.....you had better prepare because I'm coming for YOU! AHAHAHAHA!!!" Midnight sent the nightmare of him taking over equestria as a warning, He wanted the battle to be at least a bit fair.
  10. Ranger smashed his hoof into the ground, exciting the creatures that showed him where the lines in the earth are. "YES SIR!" Ranger yelled in reply. He saluted and turned to follow his captain's orders. He moved down the crumbling interior of the old castle. It had been left stagnant for years and moss was growing through the mortar, leaving a humid, green path for ranger to follow. Although he couldn't see the colors, he could feel them and put the picture in his mind. After nearly 15 minutes of marching through the corridors. Ranger reached the castle dour, which had been turned into the barracks for countless wraiths. "Listen UP!" Ranger shouted "The time has come for you to stand the buck up and FIGHT!" The wraiths stared in silence and listened intently. Their black form was like a void, intimidating ranger, like black silk woven by the devil himself. Ranger suppressed a shudder.
  11. Good grammar. My nazi has been put to peace yeah let's start this. Just 1 thing, Celestia would only be in 1 part of this, right?
  12. Simple fix... Just don't have her be midnight's daughter. Yes, no, maybe so? You tell me. It's your OC. Lol that rhymed Ooooooooor. Maybe it was an accident, midnight's soul was split and manifested into a physical form... Goddamn I'm good at this
  13. Oh my gosh.... You're right..... They can't have an antisocial princess.... The mane 6 are going to become her sidekicks... But FYI, Lauren Faust originally wanted twilight to assume celestias role.
  14. Sorry if I'm too harsh... Wanna invisible cupcake? It was made out of the finest rainbow meat-, er I mean dough, around .
  15. Crossbow it is then. Actually that will be cooler considering ranger can zoom his eyes ______ ]|||||||// _• ||||||======} // Not a bad pixel art on mobile lol @disassembled arsenal, I can't understand your grammar. Please us periods and commas. Thanks