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  1. Happy Birthday other Flitter fan!

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      Hey, thank you so much!! Thanks for keeping the Flitter love going :D

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  3. Ooh, cool idea! I have a few for Sweet Style: Normal Gala Rainbow Power Equestria Girls Equalised
  4. There have been so many great episodes this season, so this was pretty difficult! Castle Sweet Castle: This probably isn't going to be on most people's lists, but I really enjoyed it! The song was catchy, the character interactions and humour were great, and the ending was really sweet. Tanks For the Memories: A great Rainbow Dash episode that explored her emotional side, which is something we don't get to see too often. I really felt for her, and the emotions of the episode seemed very genuine. The song was fantastic as well. Rarity Investigates: This episode focused on my two favourite characters, which automatically made it awesome. I really liked the continuity and humour, and watching best pony being fabulous is always great. Crusaders of the Lost Mark: I've always been a fan of the CMC, and I liked Diamond Tiara even before her redemption, so I was extremely excited for this episode. I expected to see another side to Damond Tiara, but in addition to that we got a complete reformation, another musical episode and the CMC finally getting their cutiemarks! Needless to say, it completely exceeded my expectations and is without a doubt my favourite episode of the season. The Mane Attraction: I loved this episode. Rara was a great, interesting new character, and the story was really sweet. It was great to see an Applejack episode that didn't focus on her farm or family - while I love Applejack, the episodes that stray a bit from her usual theme always seem to be her strongest. Pinkie Pie's characterisation was spot on, and I loved the interactions between Applejack and Rarity. The Spectacle song was great, and I'm not going to lie - I completely jammed out to it. A fantastic way to finish the slice-of-life episodes for the season!
  5. I drew an EQG version of my OC a few months ago actually! Here she is:
  6. My advice is not to focus too much on the 'special abilities' of your character. Sure, flight and magic are pretty awesome, but if the only reason you want to make your OC a pegasus or unicorn is so that they can have cool powers, you're not really going about it in the right way. I always think that personality should come first - you shouldn't let your character be defined by what they can do, because in the end that doesn't mean anything if they're not believable. The best OCs are those that may not have the coolest abilities, but are well thought-out, unique and developed. I would actually suggest considering making your OC an earth pony, because it might push you out of your comfort zone a bit and allow you to really flesh out the important parts of them without being distracted by flight or magic. But it seems like you're quite keen on them being a unicorn or pegasus, so I'd say to just pick the one that fits your character the most. I don't know too much about them, so I can't really help you with that, but I think once you work out their talent it should be a bit easier to figure out. Just keep what I said in mind - don't let your character be defined by what they can do instead of who they are - and you should end up with a good character! Good luck with your OC, and I hope I helped you a bit! Don't be afraid to ask if you need help with anything else!
  7. @ Thank you so much! A new OC that I just finished! She doesn't have a name yet, but her special talent is having an exceptional understanding of colours and how they work together. She works as a personal stylist that specialises in accessories. c: Once I finish the last OC that I'm working on, my own 'mane six' will be complete!
  8. @ Thank you! Ooh, Dawn is nice! I'll definitely have to consider that one. @ Aww thank you so much! @@JonasDarkmane Ahh thank you so much, it means a lot! ;u;
  9. Thank you so much for the kind words! ;u;
  10. A couple of DeviantART requests!
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