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Everything posted by PonyBoy15

  1. Post up pics! And dont feel bad, I rode around a bike for years until I finally turned 16 1/2 and got my license. Be thankful you're not paying for gas every week
  2. We're on the same boat brotha. I'm only 19 and have been though 5 cars already and currently own 3 of them. Nice to see young car enthusiasts like myself around here. ^ That thing is pure sex Now that I remember, one of my buddies had one of these but in silver. He ended up throwing a rod right through the block. He beat the living crap outta that car.
  3. I've been only In one accident and that was when I was back in high school. I was driving to school around 6:30ish am and it was lightly snowing but there was much sleet on the roads. Roads were narrow because of a snow storm we had about 2 days before. There was a big fat Ford F-350 hogging half the road which forced me to steer away to the right. Somehow my car lost traction and I side swiped a honda civic. My girlfriend at the time was in the car with me and her side got hit. Fortunately none of us were hurt.
  4. Somehow she talked me into going on another date with her on saturday lol

    1. Swick (ded)

      Swick (ded)

      That's a good thing though, right? :P

    2. PonyBoy15


      i guess lol i had other plans though

  5. What does the fox say?

    1. Kyoshi
    2. Cakebandit :3

      Cakebandit :3

      a lot of random untypable sounds

  6. I don't think I will want to restart my game after all the time i put into this. I'm just going to wait until the pokemon bank feature launches to trade over all my properly EV trained pokemon over from black version. Thankfully we don't have to catch them or anything like that, cause I have like 4 boxes full.
  7. Here are a few more pics I took at a small car meet around this time last year: My Celica is in the middle My older set up, since then i've gotten tinted windows, gold wheels, and carbon fiber hood
  8. New avatar is up, hope you all like it :P

    1. SkyStorm
    2. MobiusKing97


      rarity looking smexy as hell as always :D

    3. PonyBoy15


      @king, you know it bro x)

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  9. I think its time for a new avatar...

    1. PonyBoy15


      @champion, i plan on it haha

    2. Winger7632


      Is it going to be pony or human rarity?

    3. PonyBoy15


      @little gamie, working on a human rarity avatar right now

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  10. Is it just me, or is the site lagging when you post something or brohoof posts?

    1. PonyBoy15


      ok good, cause it was happening to me on my computer at work too

    2. TheInsaneShane


      Yes! I thought it was just me on my Android. :/

    3. Masked Panzy

      Masked Panzy

      I thought it was my computer. But,apparently everybody's having this problem.

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  11. Awesome, sounds good, i'm going to try that but need to teach a pokemon thief first. Currently stuck somewhere in victory road.
  12. Anyone know where to find heart scales? I made the foolish mistake of keeping Flame Pledge over Flamethrower (stupid I know) Flame pledge fucked me over in a sky battle.
  13. Finally home from work! What to do now.....

    1. PonyBoy15


      i was just thinking that too, kinda getting bored of it though :/

    2. Cakebandit :3

      Cakebandit :3

      That will happen if you over play anygame lol

    3. Razersnake


      Watch PMVS that include derpy

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  14. Goodnight everyone! Tomorrow is HUMP Day!

    1. Chevette


      Drinks after work. Made it to the middle of the week. Toby Kieth... 'Merica...

    2. Misty Rose
  15. I was told that those methods were already tried with no luck at all. Not quite sure what the programers want us to do at this point. Like I mentioned, there has to be something that needs to be done or obtained first. Thats just a wild guess
  16. Well after much pain and heartache, I finally managed to get my hands on the alakazite WITHOUT beating the game Thanks to a friend of course who got it from his game and traded it over. Mega Alakazam is just epic in my opinion, now Im off to the elite four. Friend is having trouble getting the birds. You don't even get a chance to attack or throw a pokeball. Im assuming there is something that has to be done before you can attempt to catch them....
  17. 8 hour shift is done, time to go home

  18. This game has honestly exceeded my expectations. Its just remarkable. Ever since the pokemon red and blue days, I've always been a big pokemon fan, played every canon game that was released with the exception of emerald and platinum. And to be honest, my hype for pokemon began to fade when Black and White was introduced. it just felt so soon for its release and many of the pokemon to me where unappealing and had lack of imagination in my opinion. As much as I ddin't enjoy black version, I still bought Black 2 and havent beaten it to this day (still somewhere in victory road). From then on, I left the pokemon scene until X & Y was announced. But soon after, I ignored it again until gameplay was shown. The best part of this game, is the massive variety of pokemon that can be seen and caught in the game. Unlike Black and White, you're not forced to use all the new pokemon until you beat the game (a big reason why I didn't enjoy Black version). Pokemon from every gen are all over the region which is awesome. Plus the game has many references to past generations/regions. The 3D graphics, epic attack animations, mega evolution, and sweet music made it all even better. All I can say is Good job nintendo and gamefreak, You kept an old time fan like myself to stay into pokemon after considering leaving it all.